Our Story

Welcome to Bloomfield Bath! We are happy to have you, and hope you find something you love for yourself and your family. We are grateful to be in homes all across America. Our products are made with love and excitement! We search far and wide for the best organic and unrefined ingredients we could find. We trust the suppliers we use for our ingredients. 

Take a look around and imagine yourself having your Bloomfield Bath Experience in the comfort of your own home!  


Bloomfield Bath’s mission is to share the knowledge acquired to enhance the skin using natural body care products. 

Bloomfield Bath’s Vision is to give everyone an amazing spa experience in the comfort of their own bathroom. 

We promise to maintain our integrity when choosing ingredients; by doing research and educating ourselves to ensure the decision is beneficial. Our products will not contain harsh sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, propylene glycol, urea, parabens, mineral oil, or petroleum (petrolatum).

We promise to never test on animals:)

We take pride in the products created and we are a user of the product...We believe in it 100%

I hope you enjoy your Bloomfield Bath experience, if not please let us know. 


On a personal note...I am Angie...the primary person making your products. I started this by a referral from a friend and then my god sister and family got involved helping me. I was gone for a few years...yep, I needed to step away for a bit as my life was in a bad place mentally, I truly believe in taking time off from something that is not working at the moment, people may judge, but that is ok. I am no good to anyone if I allow myself to stay broken, so I had to fix myself.

Anyway I began making many products around the house, like dishwashing liquid, laundry soap, bar soap, lotion etc. My family enjoyed the items, and the fact that they were handmade & natural. I have very sensitive skin, and all my life that was an issue. Multiple allergies, dandruff, rough dry skin, acne, and many blemishes. Since utilizing my own products, the dandruff is gone, my feet are no longer like scratch pads, and there are no rough parts on my body.

My allergy attacks are very minimal (once-twice a year), and I do not take any medications for anything! I am an avid believer in routine juicing, cleansing and limiting animal products. My only wish is that I had discovered all this years ago when my children were much smaller, luckily they did not take after me with the multiple skin issues.

When you believe in yourself and something you are so passionate about...It will show.

We Hope to be in a boutique near you soon...but rest assured, we will always make your products by hand and never be in big box stores. 

Thanks so much for reading my story...Angie

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