Shea Butter

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Our Butters are not sold in the summer. We live in Arizona and the 120 degree weather wreaks havoc on our butters. Please Choose a cream or lotion. Our cream has 30% shea butter and our lotion has 20% shea you will still love it :)

The butters will return in September!


Shea Butter originates from the Karite Tree, meaning the Tree of Life; and indigenous to Africa.  

This Shea Butter originates from West Africa. 

The ripened nuts, regarded to as women's gold are collected once they fall to the ground and are crushed to extract its butter. 

This butter is then boiled and strained to filter dirt and impurities. 

 Shea Butter is known to contain a number of ingredients with biological activity that includes moisturizing and healing skin afflictions. 

 Shea Butter tends to be soft. Shea Butter can be used anywhere on the body, even the face.  

We have it Just for it's raw additives 

 Your Shea Butter should be kept in a cool dry area, protected from the heat and the sun.

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